Tandem Flights
Tandem Introductory Flight – A Magic Carpet Ride!

As close to a magic carpet ride as you can get. Lift gently off the runway and feel the cool breeze and sunlight on your face. Once aloft, extend your arms and become practically weightless, every move you make as graceful as a dove’s, flying over patchwork fields and mirrored lakes.

1,000 feet – $149

Tandem Discovery Flight – Ever Wondered What Hang Gliding Is All About?

This is the perfect opportunity to take a training Discovery Flight with a certified instructor. This flight will quench your thirst for knowledge about this amazing sport. You are towed to 1,500 feet above the beautiful south Florida countryside and once disconnected from tow vehicle at altitude, you will control the glider with ease under the guidance of the instructor. You will experiencing just how easy it is to fly one of these modern Hang Gliders. This Sky Ride can be credited toward the cost of our complete solo training package.

1,500 feet – $179

The Pilot – Control and Fly the Hang Glider Yourself!

After 30 minutes of video and ground school, you’ll get a hands-on lesson in free flight. Under the guidance of the Instructor, pilot the glider trough the air just like a bird, performing the basic maneuvers and skills needed to become a modern hang glider pilot. This is the first step toward becoming a certified solo pilot – and one of the Sky Rides that can be credited toward the cost of our complete solo training package.

2,000 feet – $199

The Screamer – Experience What a Modern Glider can Do!

Definitely not for the faint of heart. Experience what a modern hang glider can really do: dives, spins, stalls, 360s, and wing-overs. As much as your stomach can take! Forget the scenery and just go for the rush.

3,500 feet – $269

The Ultimate Hang Gliding Experience

At over 4,000 feet find yourself with the perfect opportunity to experience everything hang gliding has to offer. Combining the best of our Discovery and Screamer sky rides, you’ll touch the clouds, learn how to fly your hang glider under the guidance of your instructor, and slice through the sky like a world class pilot.

4,000 feet – $369

The Mile High Club – The Experience of a Lifetime!

Fly 5,280 feet into the air and soar freely above and among the clouds, the entire Florida countryside stretched out before you, coast to coast. Float by your own cloud shadow, mystically encircled in a rainbow formed by the refracting sunlight. You’ll be aloft for so long, you’ll be able to experience all the thrills and excitement of the other Four(4) Sky Rides put together! And when you finally descend you will never again look into the sky without reliving this spectacular adventure.

5,280 feet – $399